The high art of striptease

To slowly undress in front of the audience, you need only a little skill and much more determination. But to do it beautifully, technically and seductively is much more difficult! Given the sophistication of viewers, male strip bar simply has to offer only the best. And the Penthouse can surprise!

A bit of history

About how to awaken the desire in men, insidious women guessed even in antiquity. Striptease was then performed in the form of the so-called “wasp dance” – the girl, wrapped in layers of shawls, gradually drew herself to the music, imitating the fear of the special one who climbed under the clothes.

In the future, the customs became tougher and the closest relative of a striptease can be considered a cancan. The flickering of slender legs and pantaloons in an armful of skirts and podsubnikov were the limits of the dreams of men of the XIX century. Later, the burlesque, which began to gain popularity, quickly turned from an exclusively humorous show into an extremely frivolous and erotic.

Less attention was paid to the ability to dance, more emphasis was placed on bright costumes and scenery with the obligatory exposure of actresses. Fortunately, the high competition still forced to improve the quality of the rooms. And in the middle of the XX century, the first acrobatic numbers appeared, eventually transformed into dances at the pylon.

High art striptease

Today, a strip bar is a place where you can relax with your soul and body. Enjoy the enchanting show, relax under the skilful hands during an erotic massage or just enjoy a private dance. In Kiev all this, and even more, you can fully experience, visiting the strip bar Penthouse.

Striptease as a sport

Complex tricks at the pylon, breathtaking and amazing imagination, can offer not all strip bars in Kiev. After all, in fact, this is a separate kind of acrobatics, which also includes elements of gymnastics and choreography. So, pole sport is even one of the types of athletics disciplines. And the competition for dancing at the pole takes place in a serious and tense atmosphere.

But who wants to look at muscular and slightly eerie women, able to bend a pylon with one hip force? That’s why exotic dances on the pylon are much more popular. Here the emphasis is on eroticism and artistry, but acrobatic elements are also present. These are the Kiev girls and perform at the Penthouse Club – who can not only move beautifully but also have an excellent sports form!