Team building for men

To rally the men’s team, you can hire a good teammate and spend weekends with colleagues, in extreme conditions mastering the orientation in the terrain. And you can sometimes get out after work in a strip club and the effect will be just as good. By the way, the vacancy of a dancer in Kiev is always open and everyone can try to prove themselves in our gentlemen’s club.

Reduction of competition

In companies where only men work, conflicts even occur less frequently, but are more active. Men tend to constantly prove their leadership, and if the leader of the team is already determined, then try to take his place. What can a male club do in this case?

Initially, the entire fight was fought solely for the sake of the attention of the female – the best male got any women, it was worth them only to wish. And what if not an abundance of naked beauties ready to dance striptease for every guest, is able to convince the body’s hormones that his leadership is not subject to challenge? And in Penthouse, the concentration of attractive temptresses is just off scale.

strip dancers Vacancies

Increase of efficiency

Dopamine, produced by the body during pleasure, is a hormonal factor of internal reinforcement, improving motivation and learning. This hormone is responsible for switching attention from one task to another.

Therefore, if employees do not show proper initiative and react weakly to new tasks, it’s time to go to a strip show. Even memories of pleasant events cause a release of dopamine into the blood. So discussions at the workplace of joint adventures will only improve labor performance.

Compensation of the collective

The lack of teamwork indicates a lack of confidence between team members. And what, if not a joint trip to the strip club in Kiev, is capable of uniting completely different people? Especially if you let the subordinates relax, setting an example by their actions. For example, rented only for their VIP room will not allow to think about outsiders and come off to the full!

And the presence of a common piquant “mystery” will make the participants of such original team building more united. Well, how can you not trust the manager of the neighboring department, when he persistently withstands his wife’s questions about the corporation and does not give up colleagues?

Penthous is the ideal place in Kiev for holding such team-building events. Here you can have fun with colleagues, enjoying an exciting erotic show on the main stage or chatting in one of the private rooms with a shisha and a great drink. And the girls are ready to brighten up the leisure time at the first call of the guests!