Striptease and Pole dance – are there any differences?

An inexperienced reader will find it extremely difficult to separate the concepts of “dance on the pole” and “striptease”. And is it easy to immediately find differences in the dance performed by half-dressed people on the pole? But still these directions are getting farther apart. So is it worth going to a strip club in the hope of seeing a difficult acrobatic number? It already depends on the institution itself.

Striptease club Penthouse

A good striptease is always a bit of acrobatics

To admire the slowly undressing girl to pleasant music is always pleasant. Especially if properly tuned lighting favorably emphasizes the beauty of the dancer, and the hormones that are in the air, inflame an already inflamed fantasy. But will it take such a long time to capture? Here, personal preferences come into play. But the most patient man will ever want something more interesting.

Therefore, a quality erotic show never does without elements of acrobatics and well-thought-out choreography. In this regard, the Penthouse – the club is really unique. All numbers are put by the professional choreographer, and the girls are not only attractive and charming, but also with great dancing experience.

This strange sport – pole dunke

Well developed musculature, stretching, which envy the circus acrobats, and a very harsh expression – the mandatory attributes of the competition for dancing on the pole. And even compulsory musical accompaniment of each number will not make it confuse this serious event and frivolous strip bar. Fortunately, this only sins the direction of pole art, where the main emphasis is on the quality and technique of the performed tricks.

More pleasant looking exotic pole dance still pleases with less acrobatic numbers, but a greater emphasis on artistry and eroticism. Here performers can not think about the angle of the body tilt or the number of revolutions around the pylon. What makes the performances much more interesting. Exactly the elements of the exotic dance on the pole and give the usual striptease a unique drive. After all, what could be more attractive than naked girls? Only naked girls on the pole!

A Penthouse can offer its visitors much more!

Unforgettable erotic show, which is played on the stage every evening, makes the men’s club the most popular in Kiev. But it is better to see this personally!