Combining business with pleasure – team building in a strip club

Nothing so unites the men’s team, as a joint examination of the undressed beauties. And if in the workplace such a pastime for some reason the authorities do not like, then the idea to hold a corporate in a strip club will have to him exactly like!

Пентхауз клуб в Киеве

Watch and improve performance

British scientists estimated that for his life a man spends only on looking at the opposite sex for up to one year! And all because the contemplation of an attractive female body makes the body produce testosterone. But he is responsible for a set of muscle mass and an increase in strength, which indirectly affects the performance.

Therefore, going to a strip club is not only a great way to make friends with employees from the main office. Insidious boss can thus significantly increase the motivation of his employees – solder another resistor, knowing that you are waiting for a pleasant end of the month, it turns out much faster.

Choosing a strip club in Kiev, you can not pass by the Gentleman Club “Penthouse”. At the service of honest hard workers excellent drink, delicious food and charming beauties. But this is not all the advantages of the club!

VIP rooms – rest on the highest level

Collecting subordinates throughout the club to establish strong business ties is a troublesome business. And given the presence of hot dancers – also unpromising. But there is a way out! Comfortable and stylish VIP-rooms, provided by the club “Penthouse”, can accommodate up to 15 heated men. And leave enough room for incendiary dances in the performance of the club’s actresses – a bright private show for every visitor is provided.

Comfortable armchairs and sofas, fragrant hookah and topless waitresses – that’s the perfect corporate! At the same time, full confidentiality is guaranteed. After all, PartyRoom is a reduced copy of a full-fledged strip club. In the personal disposal of vacationers a stage, a projector, karaoke and a large screen. Even the room “00” has its own – you can not be afraid to meet your neighbor on the porch at the most inopportune moment.

And the closed VIP-boxes in the central hall allow enjoying entertaining show programs and preserving privacy. This is an excellent option for those who want to be aware of the events. After all, thematic dance performances are developed by a professional choreographer – you will not want to miss such a spectacle!