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VIP room

VIP room

Party Room is the place where you can retire. This VIP room for people who are bored with human fuss, a lot of curious eyes and people they do not know. In such a place, you will have an opportunity to relax totally, in a comfortable chair and enjoy a fascinating show…


Each of the rooms is equipped in a special style. In the Party Room, you can spend time with a company, hold a stag party, a corporate party, celebrate a birthday or make a surprise for a friend. Each room has its own toilet, stage, karaoke, large screen and projector. Therefore, any event will be held at the highest level with all the necessary equipment!

The VIP room can accommodate up to 15 people, an excellent option for a corporate. At the same time, in the VIP room you can retire on your own, take one or more hot girls who with joy and great desire will brighten up your loneliness, adding fire, passion and virtuosic dances.

The Penthouse appreciates every guest, so it guarantees privacy and increased security. In the VIP-room, famous people, officials, pop stars often spend their leisure time, as well as those who are tired of the greater attention. In such a private room for parties, you do not have to worry about anything. A bar with a wide choice of alcohol, delicious hookahs with aromatic and thick smoke, as well as beautiful music will complement your leisure.

Also in the Penthouse Arena there are two VIP boxes in the central hall, which are isolated. They are conveniently located in a niche, so if you occupy the box, you will comfortably watch the stage, hall and people in the club. This place is suitable for those who want to be aware of the events, but wish to remain unnoticed.

With our resources, almost all male desires are possible. Starting with the corporate and ending with the name-day, this is an occasion to visit the Penthouse club. Party Room will be an excellent solution for men’s party.


In each club at your disposal there will be a VIP room equipped with everything you need for a great holiday. (Party Room)

In order to help you to relax and relieve stress, to move away from the everyday hustle and get a ton of positive emotions PENTHOUSE have created all the conditions for you.

Friendly attitude of the staff, excellent cuisine, and, certainly, the unforgettable themed show – this is something every guest will be treated with. We can surprise even the most exquisite of our guests.

Do you need confidentiality? Party Room – at your disposal.

Do not get content with the stories, come and see for yourself! Only here you will be able to have a comfortable rest!