Show ballet • Кабаре стрип клуб в Киеве -

Show ballet

Ballet show

The Cabaret club – it’s beautiful, bright, attractive!

For 10 years the professional choreographer of our club creates shows sharping the girls’ skills, and also creates unique programs. Ballet in the cabaret Penthouse is recognized as the most beloved and sought-after in the capital. Our talented beauties professionally master their bodies, erotic dances and art of virtuosic seduction.


In an atmosphere of French style and red velvet, you will feel yourself in the midst of luxury and comfort. The amazing atmosphere of the cabaret club, created by the best designers, will give an opportunity to experience a pleasant relaxation. Pleasant music will make it more realistic to feel in France among the slims legs and plump buttocks.

The Cabaret Club Penthouse offers a wide variety of show programs with bright and colorful costumes. The composition includes not only dancers, but also professional musicians and singers. Ten years of experience and recognition of guests, allow us to be proud of the work of talented people.

Show ballet of our club is often invited to crowded corporate parties, holidays. Solid and well-known persons prefer our artists who know their work perfectly well. Moreover, during the show-ballet, you can often hear live music, which gives you even more of aesthetic pleasure.

Many guests return again and again to the cabaret arena penthouse due to the colorful numbers of the ballet show. None of the visitors left unsatisfied, because everyone found in our show something that he liked and something the remained in the memory for a long time.

The bright, gorgeous girls from the cabaret with a minimum of clothing and a maximum of talent will give you a lot of satisfaction. And also will touch all the thin strings of your desire, allow you to experience aesthetic arousal and passionate pleasure.


The Show ballet Penthouse is the pride of our cabaret. During the 10 years of ballet work we have received the recognition of many public people of our country. Every day you can enjoy a variety of show programs in the style of burlesque, retro. You will get a kaleidoscope of unforgettable experiences, amazing emotions and wonderful memories!

Our choreographer is a professional. Our dancers are world class actresses. You can recognize our vocalists from various music TV programs. In the cabaret we have gathered the best ones! You should definitely see this!

You will certainly enjoy watching the professional performance of the show-ballet or dances performed by our beauties, and if you prefer something more piquant, we invite you to an exclusive BDSM. Show, show with cocktails and tequila.