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In the Penthouse strip club you can relax in various ways: watch the colorful show from our playful girls, drink a tasty cocktail, smell delicious flavor and rich smoke of hookah, spend time with friends in the VIP room, participate in a themed party, or sing in karaoke.


In our arsenal, there is a professional karaoke system Pro Evolution 2, which is the best in the world! This effective and multifunctional equipment will give an opportunity to feel like a pop star. Also in addition to karaoke, there are projectors and a large screen for total comfort. In our list, we have more than 50 000 songs of different languages! Choose any song. You can sing together with your friends or with our girls, there are several additional microphones.

At the Penthouse strip club, you can assemble a company and have fun! Our actresses will easily accompany the song with their sexual performance and rousing dances. Professional equipment in the Penthouse Club will give you the opportunity to experience quality sound, rich bass and your magnificent voice. Performing songs will be simple and pleasant, because modern equipment is literally created for your convenience!

Feel like a real star! Sing along with sexy beauties who will happily organize an erotic dances and swirl in a whirlwind of passion. In the Penthouse karaoke, you can spend fun, interesting and hot time!


The style and design of both Karaoke PENTHOUSE are light, flirty with a hint of frivolous Pin-up. There are not many tables in the room but it is the seclusion which creates this atmosphere of cozy intimacy, disposing to a pleasant rest and charming live singing.

Good acoustics and the latest Sound System creates all perfect conditions for a truly professional performance.  You will be satisfied with karaoke!

A super wide range of songs is at your disposal, the song catalog has lists about 30 000 songs of Russian and foreign performers

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