The difference between cabaret and striptease bars

An inexperienced visitor of the lunatic places can feel that the cabaret club is not much different from the banal strip bar. But in fact, indeed – everywhere beautiful girls undress with music. But there are differences, and they are colossal! And in order not to be unfounded, you can visit Penthouse
Arena and see everything by yourself.

cabaret in Kiev

Do not seduce, but entertain

So, the main vocation of striptease, judging by its English-speaking name, is to undress and tease the viewer. While the burlesque, which has become the hallmark of all cabarets, is designed to entertain guests, in an exaggerated and even grotesque form showing female beauty.

Not by the fact of undressing, but by the quality of the outfits and by the technicality of the performance, cabaret shows are attracted. Only here you can see girls dressed in peacock feathers swimming in huge glasses or hovering under the vault. It is due to its entertainment that the cabaret club attracts not only men, but also a weak half of humanity. To look at the performance will be interesting to everyone!

Did you know?

The word cabaret, although considered to be French, probably has eastern roots and, in Arabic, “habbarat” can be considered as “a place of prostitution” and “a place where hot drinks flow”.

What a capacious word!

But historically the cabaret bar was a haven of creative people – the chansonnier, whom the harsh Bonaparte drove from the streets, forbidding them to perform. To listen to folk art, many people came to join the culture, as well as to reflect on topical issues, which were ridiculed with the help of burlesque.

And only later, both burlesque and cabaret became practically synonymous with striptease. Fortunately, today the cabaret begins to revive, offering its guests exceptionally exquisite entertainment! And to join the truly French leisure, you can not leave the country – the cabaret in Kiev is ready to impress the imagination.

For connoisseurs of this show

Petehouse Arena is very different from similar institutions, which is full in Kiev. The ineffable atmosphere of the burlesque reigns from sunset to dawn. Due to the thoughtful design, visitors can enjoy the enchanting show not only near the stage, but also comfortably located at the bar counter.

And the spectacle opens really stunning! And all thanks to the hard work of the choreographer and professional ballet dancers. But to what words, if you can come and see everything in person?