Nude extravaganza in the cabaret Penthouse Arena

What emerges in thoughts of France immediately after the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower? Of course, the world-famous cabaret “Red Mill”. Continuing the associative line, beautiful temptresses dressed in feather and rhinestones perform the cancan immediately before their eyes. But what about those who could not get on such a cabaret show? Of course, go to the night cabaret Club Penthouse Arena!

Incendiary atmosphere of the burlesque from sunset to dawn!

The cabaret club is inherently strikingly different from simple strip bars. The atmosphere of an eternal holiday that reigns here will not leave anyone indifferent. That’s why here come not only a strictly male company, but even with its blagovernoy. After cabaret offers really refined entertainment – Burlesque show in non-stop mode!
A kaleidoscope of bright outfits, interesting and enchanting numbers are so different from a drunken striptease in a pole that one does not leave indifferent any of those present. The unique interior of the cabaret Penthouse Arena allows you to enjoy viewing the show from anywhere in the room. Even visiting the bar in the cabaret, you can comfortably watch what is happening on stage.

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What is the difference between the production numbers at Pethaus Arena? First of all, his theatricality and incredible scope. Now in Kiev you can feel like a guest of a real French cabaret. And all thanks to the efforts of a professional choreographer who skillfully selects costumes, musical accompaniment and lighting effects for each number.

Not a single show or what else can a male club offer?

Cabaret is a club for real men and offers entertainment for every taste. Do you want to feel like the only guest? Then the private dance of one or even several dancers is an ideal choice. At Penthouse Arena, you can completely immerse yourself in an erotic atmosphere – it’s enough to visit the “living room”. There, the “puppet” will execute any command of his master, exposing himself as slowly as the guest’s soul demands.