Corporate in the men’s nightclub? Why not!

Working in the men’s team, I do not want to bother with the organization of the corporate. Shish kebabs on the nature or going to the bar – that’s all the variety. But for the fifth year of such entertainment, even an inveterate conservative can eat. So why not make a working weekday some variety and not visit the gentleman’s club?

To the head of the note – why the trip to the men’s club is useful?

What is important for each leader? Of course, the effectiveness of the subordinates! And the more closely you pay attention to the duties performed, the better the final product will be?
And in this case the night club strip will become a real helper! After a bright positive experience in the body begins to develop dopamine, which plays a crucial role in training and motivation of a person. And recent clinical experiments have shown that even the memory of such an experience can raise the level of such an important hormone.

Especially dopamine is important when switching attention between diverse tasks. So the subordinates, remembering their campaign in the men’s nightclub, will not only begin to perceive the boss positively, but also significantly improve their performance.

Corporative in the man's night club Penthouse

Corporate in the men’s nightclub

Another important factor in the selection of men’s team – cohesion and ability to work in a team. And what can rally more than the joint examination of naked beauties? Such a common “secret” affects the relations in the team extremely positively. So, with the slightest sign of conflict, it’s enough to lead your “army” and go to the raid on the men’s club.

Where to celebrate the corporate?

The general secret must remain so in the future. Thousands of views of dancing with a stripper in one of the social networks affect the work process extremely negatively. Therefore, choosing a vacation spot in Kiev, you should pay attention to the possibility of seclusion in one of the VIP rooms. There, in a relaxed private atmosphere, you can relax and enjoy a personal performance on your personal stage.

So, the Penthouse is a club that takes care of the privacy of its guests. Special Party Room is designed for companies up to 15 people and equipped with everything necessary for a full rest. And to not accidentally encounter colleagues from the neighboring department, even the restrooms at the VIP-rooms are separate.
Fragrant hookahs, good booze and delicious snacks will make the evening even more pleasant. And that guests do not get bored, they have a special crazy menu. In the Penthouse club the most secret male desires are fulfilled!