How to combine business with pleasure when visiting a strip club

Not everyone can afford to come to a nightclub strip club and just relax. But such a holiday can bring more benefits! So do not constantly deny yourself a little joy, but just learn how to combine pleasant and useful.
Enhancement of working capacity and strengthening of working relations

Dopamine as a neurotransmitter directly affects the motivation and training of a person. Considering that this “pleasure hormone” is developed during positive experiences, the male night club is just a storehouse of such emotions. Lack of dopamine affects the speed of switching attention, which is quite critical for creative and active people.

And what is especially useful, dopamine can be developed also in the memory of the experience experienced. So even quite rarely attending a gentleman’s club, you can raise the level of dopamine. After all, it’s enough about this and remember it with joy!

gentleman's club in Kiev

If we consider the men’s club as the venue for the corporate, it will be possible to kill not even two birds with one stone, but a dozen. Firstly, motivation will increase in mass in all subordinates. And not only at the expense of dopamine. After all, the very fact of visiting a strip club instead of a banal restaurant can raise a man’s mood.

Secondly, it will be possible to reduce the number of conflicts in the men’s team. All thanks to the abundance of beautiful girls, ready to gladly obey any whims of the guests. After all, it is so historically that male competition is aimed, first of all, at winning the attention of the greatest number of women. And if for the sake of hot girl’s looks do not need to fight with an opponent, then the tension in the team will decrease.

How to spend time with benefit?

Unrestrained fun at the bar or under the general scene was more likely fledgling youngsters, but not respectable men. For a comfortable and measured rest Penthouse Club provides comfortable VIP-rooms with soft sofas and armchairs, a personal stage and even a personal restroom.

Here you can enjoy the fragrant smoke hookah, talking on serious topics, or to surrender to passion, enjoying a unique erotic show. Delivery of drinks and dishes directly to the room will not be distracted by the noise in the common room and completely immersed in the relaxing atmosphere of the club.

In Kiev, a lot of strip bars, but you can rarely find an institution in which the comfort and pleasure of the guests are in the first place. Penthouse did it with his rule!