Cabaret – an eternal holiday and unrestrained fun

What comes first when mentioning cabaret? Of course, the incendiary cancan, beautiful naked girls and the river of champagne! And all this can now be seen in the cabaret Penthouse Arena. But was it always so?
How it all began

Strangely enough, thanks for the appearance of the cabaret follows the struggling chanson of the emperor Bonaparte. It was he who banned the performance of folk singers and poets on the streets, forcing them to gather in a cafe-chantan or cabaret. Already in 1881 in France, at the then still industrial street of Montmartre, the first cabaret club “Black Cat” was opened.

Initially, there was going to boheme to discuss burning topics, read a new work or enjoy folk music. But the club “Red Mill”, which was opened after 8 years, was remembered by all the extremely obscene dance – cancan, in which the girls threw up their feet and showed their underwear and stockings.

cabaret in Kiev

And only in 1893 in the same “Red Mill” for the first time a striptease was danced. Which, by the way, for a long time was banned. Instead of him, colorful cabaret shows were played on the stage, and the dancers could not bare completely. The cabaret club was considered an elite institution, where poets, artists and even heirs of the throne looked. And in 1981 the troupe performed in London just before the queen!

In the Ukrainian capital, the same cabaret existed since the beginning of the 20th century. He was located on the territory now occupied by the stadium “Dynamo”. In all, about three theaters of cabaret worked in Kiev and all of them in 1920 were closed by the Soviet authorities.

The Revival of Cabaret

Very quickly, cabaret began to turn into regular strip clubs, where the number of naked girls exceeded the quality of performances. And it’s only since the 1990s that bright and expensive costumes, interesting productions and high-quality performances have returned to the stage.

In Kiev, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the burlesque in the Penthouse Arena, where the air itself is imbued with merriment and a sense of celebration! Even the design of the main hall is thought over to trifles – you can enjoy performances with the same comfort both at the stage and behind the bar.

Pethernhaus Arena can also offer a classic entertaining striptease, which is much more convenient to enjoy in one of the private rooms. And fans of the original erotic show will appreciate the “crazy menu”.

Night Cabaret Club Penthouse Arena – a place where you want to return. But it is better to see this personally!