Cabaret – from the beginnings to our days

The etymology of cabaret continues to cause controversy. So, the most common opinion is that the cabaret is of Picardian origin and denotes “an institution where alcohol is served.” But some scholars hold a somewhat different point of view – for example, Jean Denis believes that the word has eastern roots. Thus, “habarat” in Arabic can be interpreted as “a place of prostitution”, and as “a place where the river is pouring alcohol”. But what is a cabaret really?

Turning from a club of interests into an erotic cabaret bar

During the reign of Louis Napoleon, the French lived hard. This harsh emperor banned the national creativity – the chanson, whose execution on the streets of the country became illegal. It was necessary for singers and poets to seek refuge, which became cabaret cabaret. One of the most famous at that time was the cabaret club “Black Cat”, who welcomed the best performers.

But students at all times were not averse to quarreling. And at the end of the XIX century, one of the companies that visited the cabaret club “Moulin Rouge”, for the first time introduced a striptease program – one of the students was exposed at an improvised beauty contest. What happened on the stage was so popular with the audience that the rooms with the striped dancers became mandatory in all cabaret shows.

Cabaret in Kiev

Unfortunately, over time, the quality of performances has fallen more and more, replacing interesting and colorful numbers with an increasing number of naked girls on the stage. And only in the early 1990s the burlesque began to return to the stage. To enjoy an unforgettable show cabaret in Kiev you can in the Penthouse Arena. This is the only cabaret club where the atmosphere of burlesque does not run out!

Features cabaret in Kiev

Gentleman Penthouse Club is amazing with its unique design. Designed to combine comfort, coziness and luxury, the main hall of the club allows you to enjoy performances from anywhere. And it does not matter where the guests are – at the stage or near the bar.
Another feature of the Pethouse Arena is the “living room”, where the “puppet” will fulfill the most secret desires. Also for the visitors are always ready individual Party Room with a personal scene and original entourage. Here you can both have fun with the company, and relax from the bustle in private with one of the dancers.

Do you want more? The desire of the guest is the law. The Cabaret Penthouse Arena will make you feel like a guest of the famous French clubs without leaving the city!