Cabaret – a place where frank dances became a show

In the middle of everyday life, I so much like a holiday! And what can dispel boredom and despondency better than burlesque? After all, this is a real storehouse of entertaining erotic numbers, which simply can not get bored! Plunge into the atmosphere of unrestrained fun can be in Kiev – it’s enough to visit the unique cabaret club “Penthouse Arena”.

Erotic show with a French flavor

Becoming a cult cabaret “Moulin Rouge” sets the tone for other institutions around the world. Bright outfits, unforgettable numbers and fucking attractive dancers – that’s what a cabaret show is. Those who enter the club cabaret from the doorway are immersed in a dance of events and entertainment.
But why does Pethouse Arena attract so much visitors? First of all, its unique design. It is breathtaking and amazing. Luxury and comfort are organically combined to create a truly cozy atmosphere. A scene on which fascinating erotic shows are played, is visible from any point of the hall. In the cabaret, the bar and the bar are located so that guests can enjoy the view of the dancers without obstacles.

Here you can realize your most secret fantasies!

 Seductive girls will turn even a very languid evening into an incendiary night. If you allow yourself to relax in full, secluded in one of the VIP rooms for private dance or erotic massage, you can get unearthly pleasure!

Do you know?

The first cabaret in the world (from the French cabaret) was opened in France in 1852 and was called the “Black Cat”. But initially the institution had an exceptionally cultural character – there were famous poets and musicians who made cabarets very popular. But the usual format, with outspoken dresses and erotic dances, the cabaret acquired much later.

Cabaret in kiev

For the first time a striptease was performed on the stage of the “Red Mill” in 1893, which was the beginning of the popularization of frank shows. Ironically, in Europe, the popularity of the burlesque fell rapidly, while in the United States at the beginning of the XX century the erotic performance gained incredible popularity.

But now there is no need to go so far as to admire the extremely frank outfits of feathers and rhinestones. Cabaret in Kiev is able to satisfy even a very exacting taste. But why the words? It is better to visit once in person, to make sure of this!