The perfect bachelor party? Easily!

To say goodbye to a bachelor life is necessary in a big way. After all, it is not known when the next time the pious will deign to let go of a strip bar with friends. But traditionally the choice of a place for the celebration of the stag party is the prerogative of the friends of the joyful groom. In order not to go around all the strip bars in Kiev in search of inspiration, this is what the Penthouse offers for men who are hungry for entertainment.

To walk so to walk!

Dancing until the morning, drinking a river and a whole galaxy of unsurpassed beauties – just for the sake of it you can look into the male strip bar. But the ideal stag do not pull it. And, although you can not take the tiger to your room with you, Penthouse can still surprise you!

To begin acquaintance while the idle man with club costs from the general hall – for giving the necessary mood. Colorful performances, which are played out on the stage, will make you forget about all the upcoming bustle. And a few cocktails in the bar will lift the mood to the desired level.

This evening should be all as required by the suffering soul of the bridegroom. Order a favorite song, so that one of the seductive beauties dances a striptease for her, or a real orgy on the stage, where all temptresses of the club will dance naked? Easily!

Make a nice gift to the groom in the form of an erotic massage or a private dance on your lap? And then you do not have to limit yourself. After all, the desire of the client Penthouse performs almost instantly! Do you want seclusion? And here everything is thought out.

VIP rooms guarding privacy

To the morning not find photos of the party in Instagram of their faithful, it is better to preoccupy in advance to rent one of the Party Room. Here you can completely relax and be confident in the privacy of what is happening.

Strip bar offers only the best for its customers. On the personal stage the most sexy girls of Kiev will perform. The large screen and the projector give the erotic presentation an extra twist. Orders are made without leaving the room, and a personal restroom will completely let go of the rest of the club’s public.

Fragrant hookahs, excellent cuisine and comfortable sofas – what else do men need for complete happiness? Of course, girls! And they will be ready to please the guests with their seductive performances for as long as they please. Erotic show in the shower or an inflaming lesbian show will be forgotten very soon!

In Kiev, organize a stag party simply, but an ideal party is only possible in the Penthouse!