The ideal bachelor party is only in the men’s club!

The free life will soon end and all future trips to the club will be already in the company of the spouse? Then do not limit yourself in organizing the latest unbridled party in the role of a bachelor! And that the memories of this evening warmed the next fifty years of married life, go to the men’s club need trained.

Choose a strip club – not the main thing

Often, preparation for a bachelor party begins and ends with the choice of venue. But finding a strip club in Kiev is not a problem. It is much more important to determine the program! Otherwise, the stag party will turn into usual gatherings in the company of friends. Of the differences – only naked girls on stage and good alcohol.

Striptease should be a nice addition to the party, but not be an end in itself. Otherwise, dancing by the pole can quickly get naughty, and the guests will begin to suffer from boredom. But if the stag party will take place during the enchanting strip show, then the heat of passion will not take long. After all, it is only necessary to imagine bright outfits and elaborate production numbers and blood runs faster through the veins!

Of course, envious views of others can amuse self-esteem. But in fact for a good rest it’s better to take shelter from strangers, and for this purpose VIP room is ideal. Here you can lie on a comfortable sofa, which is time for a fragrant hookah. Thanks to a personal stage equipped with a large screen and a projector, the private performances of the stunning beauties will not be inferior to the show in the general hall.

Hangover in the strip club Penthouse

And to be sure not to get bored in your last bachelor party, a strip club is ready to offer a special crazy menu. There’s a fantasy where to clear up! Erotic dancing with cocktails, exciting show in the shower or a hot performance in the style of BDSM will not leave anyone indifferent!

And what kind of party without excellent drinks and delicious snacks? And to eat was not boring, you can order erotic sushi, which will be served on the nude body of one of the beauties of the club Penthouse. Even ardent opponents of seafood can not resist, wanting to quickly discover the hidden charms under the treat.

No ideas? But we have them!

Why puzzle about how to organize a party in Kiev? After all, the Penthouse can offer a huge number of options! Renting tables near the stage, where all the performance will be as in the palm of your hand, or a secluded bed with an excellent view of the show, the accompaniment of the guests by the girls of the club and incendiary private dances is not all available services. Then the most intimate man’s dreams come true, just hint about it!