Birthday “in an adult way”

It is necessary to note the age of majority on a grand scale! And entertainment is required to include all previously prohibited activities. Where to go to a real man to indulge in adult joys? Of course, in a strip bar!
Selection of guests

The company for the campaign in the strip is to bargain exclusively male. As they say, Tula and its samovars are full. Yes, and to restrain myself in such a holiday do not want to, friends of the same girls will demand compliance with certain rules of conduct.

Also in the “delegation” is better to include someone with the experience of going to strip bars in Kiev. After all, a knowledgeable person can orient newcomers in this world of sweet delights and direct them to the path of true bliss. After all, one can not try everything in one evening, so why not start with the most enjoyable?

Man aged for years, too, will not be superfluous in the company. They will be able to guide the fun in the right direction, because every self-respecting male strip bar monitors the order. Fun can be unrestrained, but it should not interfere with other visitors who are hungry for pleasure.

Kiev adult entertainment

View and participate

Where to go in Kiev for adult entertainment? Of course, in the Penthouse! Only here you can see the most spectacular striptease, which virtuoso perform beautiful girls in Kiev. And enchanting erotic shows, over which the professional choreographer works, amaze even the most experienced spectators!

But I do not want to be a passive observer on the day of majority. And this is natural! For a noisy and friendly company Penthouse offers separate VIP rooms. There is everything you need for a great holiday. On the personal stage, the favorite dancers perform performing solo or group numbers. To order drinks and dishes do not have to leave PartyRoom-the guests are served at the highest level.

A large selection of tobaccos for aromatic hookahs will brighten up the evening, and lovers of singing will be able to realize themselves thanks to a modern karaoke system. And to sign the entry into adulthood can be with the help of one of the most frank erotic show, private dance on your knees and a divine erotic massage performed by the gentle hands of one of the girls of the club.

It is better to try everything once than to listen to the stories of happy friends many times. And then the party on the occasion of adulthood can be remembered for years!