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Cabaret – an eternal holiday and unrestrained fun

Cabaret – an eternal holiday and unrestrained fun What comes first when mentioning cabaret? Of course, the incendiary cancan, beautiful naked girls and the river of champagne! And all this can now be seen in the cabaret Penthouse Arena. But was it always so?   How it all began Strangely enough, thanks for the appearance of the cabaret follows the struggling chanson of the emperor Bonaparte. It was he who banned the performance of folk singers and poets on the streets, forcing them to gather in a cafe-chantan or cabaret. Already in 1881 in France, at the then still industrial […]

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Birthday “in an adult way”

Birthday “in an adult way” It is necessary to note the age of majority on a grand scale! And entertainment is required to include all previously prohibited activities. Where to go to a real man to indulge in adult joys? Of course, in a strip bar!   Selection of guests The company for the campaign in the strip is to bargain exclusively male. As they say, Tula and its samovars are full. Yes, and to restrain myself in such a holiday do not want to, friends of the same girls will demand compliance with certain rules of conduct. Also in […]

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Dancing, songs, girls!

Dancing, songs, girls! What should be the perfect holiday? For someone it’s dancing until the morning, someone is nicer to sing songs all evening, and someone prefers a company of beautiful ladies. But an ideal rest is simply obliged to combine all this and a little more. And the best thing is in Penthouse!   The most incendiary dance shows Why does Petnhouse become more popular? First of all thanks to his stunning dancers who masterly perform striptease. And when a professional choreographer takes up the production of a strip show, it’s almost impossible to tear yourself away from contemplation […]

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How to combine business with pleasure when visiting a strip club

How to combine business with pleasure when visiting a strip club Not everyone can afford to come to a nightclub strip club and just relax. But such a holiday can bring more benefits! So do not constantly deny yourself a little joy, but just learn how to combine pleasant and useful.   Enhancement of working capacity and strengthening of working relations Dopamine as a neurotransmitter directly affects the motivation and training of a person. Considering that this “pleasure hormone” is developed during positive experiences, the male night club is just a storehouse of such emotions. Lack of dopamine affects the […]

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The difference between cabaret and striptease bars

The difference between cabaret and striptease bars An inexperienced visitor of the lunatic places can feel that the cabaret club is not much different from the banal strip bar. But in fact, indeed – everywhere beautiful girls undress with music. But there are differences, and they are colossal! And in order not to be unfounded, you can visit Penthouse Arena and see everything by yourself. Do not seduce, but entertain So, the main vocation of striptease, judging by its English-speaking name, is to undress and tease the viewer. While the burlesque, which has become the hallmark of all cabarets, is […]

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Stag party? Only in the Penthouse

Stag party? Only in the Penthouse If you go far to Las Vegas, and want to celebrate the last bachelor party in a big way, then in Penthouse it’s the easiest to do! To the services of guests in Kiev everything that the soul of the future husband and his friends will wish – from the classic appearance of a stripper from a cake to original and exotic entertainment. Cocktails with original presentation You can drink well-mixed cocktails in one of the many bars, but you can see what they do with sexy beauties exclusively in the Penthouse. After such […]

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Rest with an erotic taste – strip club Penthouse

Rest with an erotic taste Sometimes, for a change, you can replace Friday’s beer with shrimp hike in the men’s strip club. After all, regular gatherings with friends can be turned into a real entertainment program with a bright erotic show, where the best girls of Kiev perform. Where to go? It’s better not to watch a striptease in the first bar, but in a proven and well-established institution. Each strip dancer in Kiev is able to entice her art connoisseur of the female body. Jobs are constantly open to the best. After all, only there the banal stripping of […]

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Team building for men

Team building for men To rally the men’s team, you can hire a good teammate and spend weekends with colleagues, in extreme conditions mastering the orientation in the terrain. And you can sometimes get out after work in a strip club and the effect will be just as good. By the way, the vacancy of a dancer in Kiev is always open and everyone can try to prove themselves in our gentlemen’s club. Reduction of competition In companies where only men work, conflicts even occur less frequently, but are more active. Men tend to constantly prove their leadership, and if the […]

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Cabaret – from the beginnings to our days

Cabaret – from the beginnings to our days The etymology of cabaret continues to cause controversy. So, the most common opinion is that the cabaret is of Picardian origin and denotes “an institution where alcohol is served.” But some scholars hold a somewhat different point of view – for example, Jean Denis believes that the word has eastern roots. Thus, “habarat” in Arabic can be interpreted as “a place of prostitution”, and as “a place where the river is pouring alcohol”. But what is a cabaret really? Turning from a club of interests into an erotic cabaret bar During the […]

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High art striptease

The high art of striptease To slowly undress in front of the audience, you need only a little skill and much more determination. But to do it beautifully, technically and seductively is much more difficult! Given the sophistication of viewers, male strip bar simply has to offer only the best. And the Penthouse can surprise! A bit of history About how to awaken the desire in men, insidious women guessed even in antiquity. Striptease was then performed in the form of the so-called “wasp dance” – the girl, wrapped in layers of shawls, gradually drew herself to the music, imitating […]

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