Jobs dancers in the strip club Penthouse

Do you want to gain financial independence, earn your own apartment or start your dancing career in Kiev? Then vacancies for dancers in our club are the best choice! After all, we offer favorable conditions for cooperation and always welcome new actresses.

Advantages of working as a dancer

To realize its creative potential, it is sometimes necessary to start small. But not in the case of working in Penthouse – our dancers always get only the best! So, you can build a comfortable working schedule, which will combine the work of a striptease dancer and study.
The only drawback of this choice is that a dancer in Kyiv receives much more than an average office worker. And the best stripper can earn one month’s salary of a civil servant in one evening. So after graduation, it will be difficult to adjust to a fixed working day and a modest salary.

For those who want to connect their lives with dances and participate in various shows, the work of a stripper will allow them to develop confidence and defeat the fear of the stage – the two main problems of all artists. After all, what liberates the admired views of the public? And even if a beginner dancer comes to the club, the vacancy will suit her. In addition to the scenic experience, our club offers training from a professional choreographer. So you can earn while learning!

What do we offer?

There are such dance vacancies in the strip club:
dancers (strippers) – provide for individual performances on the main stage;
dancers of the ballet show – participation in colorful thematic productions under the guidance of an experienced choreographer;
• go-go (pizza) – to entertain guests in the common room.
For all vacancies, the experience of strippers is not necessary, because we have free dance training, as well as the art of make-up and the selection of stage costumes. At the service of girls is a solarium, a professional make-up artist and a large selection of ready-made costumes. All in order for our beauties to always look stunning!

There are jobs for promoters (girls) and hostesses who do not need to have dance experience. We have decent pay and comfortable working conditions. Provides food and even accommodation for non-residents.

There are our clubs in the center of Kiev in walking distance from the metro. So getting to work is extremely convenient from anywhere in the city!

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