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Sannyvug (Русский) Страна: El Salvador says:

Make a more new posts please 🙂

Lukáš (Русский) Страна: Czech Republic (Česká republika) says:

We had an extremely cool male corporate party in the Penthouse Arena. The idea was excellent! Who would have thought that you can chill with colleagues like this! All were satisfied!

Jeff (Русский) Страна: United States says:

I have visited your city for a couple of days and decided to spend the last evening in more interesting way than usually. The Penthouse strip club did not disappoint me. The atmosphere was pleasant, the kitchen – delicious, and the hostess – beautiful.

Ramir (Русский) Страна: Turkey (Türkiye) says:

This is my first visit to your strip club, but I hope not the last one! My friends and I had a great evening, we did not see such chic girls in any club in the capital. Friday was not in vain, we rested well!

Prodip (Русский) Страна: United Kingdom says:

This is the best nightclub club in which we rested. They even took a bedroom for a few hours. It was worth it! That’s right, we felt like real stars – everything around us is spinning, girls are just dancing for us. Beauty!

Аркадий (Русский) Страна: Україна says:

Тут правда лучший стриптиз в Киеве! Я это точно знаю, так как частый гость стрип клубов. Все девушки красавицы, а как они двигаются – закачаешься. Не говоря уже об их шоу-программе, это просто нечто.

Joe (Русский) Страна: Italy (Italia) says:

Last Friday my friends ordered VIP room and the most lovely girl of that evening (young brunette in black suit). The private program is really swankier than everything you can see in the general hall. Only here you can see truly sexy beauties in all their glory. Expensive, but it’s worth it.

Roberto (Русский) Страна: Italy (Italia) says:

We come with colleagues to have a rest in the Penthouse for the third time. By experience – the most fun on Fridays. The girls are cool, their dances are quite well performed. It’s not just striptease, the show program realy pleases. I think next time I’d try to book a VIP room.

Mark (Русский) Страна: Ukraine (Україна) says:

I came to your city on a business trip and decided to spend the last evening with friends in your men’s club. Impressions are simply unforgettable! All the girls tried to please, as they could, great music. The kitchen is also very tasty. Next time, when I go to Kiev, I would like to rest again in the Penthouse with the same company.

Alex (Русский) Страна: United States says:

Nice place, good atmosphere, very good style interior food is ok too, but waitress so slow. Additionally I dislike when people smoking shisha it have to be prohibit

Husnu (Русский) Страна: Finland (Suomi) says:

fancy atmosphere, interesting and exciting activities, lovely and nice people around… I hope it will stay as it is till my next visit… I would love to be there ASAP…

Cairo (Русский) Страна: Egypt (‫مصر‬‎) says:

Great Music and Live entertainment!

Осман (Русский) Страна: Azerbaijan (Azərbaycan) says:

Я ожидал увидеть больше танцовщиц(
В целом остался довольным шоу программой!

Tom (Русский) Страна: United States says:

it’s great…=) I had a wonderful time. Thank you!

Дмитрий (Русский) Страна: Ukraine (Україна) says:

На днях отдыхал в пнетхаузе тот что в арене. Девченки не давали скучать, время пролетело быстро. Я остался доволен, еще зайду в гости;)

Олег (Русский) Страна: Russia (Россия) says:

Добрый день! Подскажите, ваши клубы работают ежедневно?

"penthouse" says:

Добрый день, Олег. Время работы клубов с 20:00 до 6:00 ежедневно.

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