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Cabaret – from the beginnings to our days

Cabaret – from the beginnings to our days The etymology of cabaret continues to cause controversy. So, the most common opinion is that the cabaret is of Picardian origin and denotes “an institution where alcohol is served.” But some scholars hold a somewhat different point of view – for example, Jean Denis believes that the word has eastern roots. Thus, “habarat” in Arabic can be interpreted as “a place of prostitution”, and as “a place where the river is pouring alcohol”. But what is a cabaret really? Turning from a club of interests into an erotic cabaret bar During the […]

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High art striptease

The high art of striptease To slowly undress in front of the audience, you need only a little skill and much more determination. But to do it beautifully, technically and seductively is much more difficult! Given the sophistication of viewers, male strip bar simply has to offer only the best. And the Penthouse can surprise! A bit of history About how to awaken the desire in men, insidious women guessed even in antiquity. Striptease was then performed in the form of the so-called “wasp dance” – the girl, wrapped in layers of shawls, gradually drew herself to the music, imitating […]

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The ideal bachelor party is only in the men’s club!

The ideal bachelor party is only in the men’s club! The free life will soon end and all future trips to the club will be already in the company of the spouse? Then do not limit yourself in organizing the latest unbridled party in the role of a bachelor! And that the memories of this evening warmed the next fifty years of married life, go to the men’s club need trained. Choose a strip club – not the main thing Often, preparation for a bachelor party begins and ends with the choice of venue. But finding a strip club in […]

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Corporate in the men’s nightclub? Why not!

Corporate in the men’s nightclub? Why not! Working in the men’s team, I do not want to bother with the organization of the corporate. Shish kebabs on the nature or going to the bar – that’s all the variety. But for the fifth year of such entertainment, even an inveterate conservative can eat. So why not make a working weekday some variety and not visit the gentleman’s club? To the head of the note – why the trip to the men’s club is useful? What is important for each leader? Of course, the effectiveness of the subordinates! And the more […]

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Nude extravaganza in the cabaret Penthouse Arena

Nude extravaganza in the cabaret Penthouse Arena What emerges in thoughts of France immediately after the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower? Of course, the world-famous cabaret “Red Mill”. Continuing the associative line, beautiful temptresses dressed in feather and rhinestones perform the cancan immediately before their eyes. But what about those who could not get on such a cabaret show? Of course, go to the night cabaret Club Penthouse Arena! Incendiary atmosphere of the burlesque from sunset to dawn! The cabaret club is inherently strikingly different from simple strip bars. The atmosphere of an eternal holiday that reigns here will not […]

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Striptease as art

Striptease for a long time from the evocative and obscene dance has turned into an exciting and delectable mystery. Colorful numbers, thoughtful outfits and professional movements of dancers are breathtaking even for skeptical visitors. Now the strip bar is for aesthetic pleasure. But why is erotic dance today considered art?   At the origins of striptease – where it all began For the first time on stage, the girl was completely cut off in 1893 during a simple student’s party in the notorious cabaret “Moulin Rouge”. Of course, the brave dancer paid for this with a fairly impressive amount of […]

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Hiking in the strip club – every time a new experience

Hiking in the strip club – every time a new experience To rest from the work of the righteous never get bored, it is natural for a person to seek variety in entertainment. A good strip club in Kiev should provide its guests with the opportunity to satisfy any of their desires. And Penthouse in this respect is considered to be the best! What would you like, my beloved, please? The first trip to the men’s club is pleased with the novelty of the impressions. Thoughtful interior, bewitching movements of dancers, attentive staff – something that immediately catches your eye. […]

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Visit nightclubs clubs – why it is so necessary for men

Visit nightclubs clubs – why it is so necessary for men It would seem, well, what can an interesting nightclub offer? After all, now you do not surprise anyone with a naked body, but you can drink in a nearby bar. But regular trips to the strip club can solve almost any problem! Forget everything and just enjoy yourself Night club strip is the place where all the problems and worries leave on the second board. And the body needs regular psychological relaxation. Otherwise, nervous breakdown will not take long. And the kind of naked beautiful dancers in the male […]

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The perfect bachelor party? Easily!

The perfect bachelor party? Easily! To say goodbye to a bachelor life is necessary in a big way. After all, it is not known when the next time the pious will deign to let go of a strip bar with friends. But traditionally the choice of a place for the celebration of the stag party is the prerogative of the friends of the joyful groom. In order not to go around all the strip bars in Kiev in search of inspiration, this is what the Penthouse offers for men who are hungry for entertainment. To walk so to walk! Dancing […]

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Friday evening – how to linger on the full

Friday evening – how to linger on the full Labor days come to an end and I want to celebrate the long-awaited weekend in a big way? Then at your service the best strip club in Kiev! The most charming girls, the best dance numbers and the atmosphere of an eternal holiday – that’s what Penthouse will be remembered for. Striptease is, first of all, a show! No one will be surprised by the naked beauties, languidly bending under the exciting music. I want something new, interesting, unexplored and exclusive! And Petnhouse can offer everything that the soul of tired […]

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