Crazy menu • Cabaret strip club in Kiev

Crazy menu

Pretty girls
Show Ballet
Vip Rooms

Private dance (1 track)

300 uah

Private dance (2 tracks)

500 uah

Lap dance

400 uah

Tequila show

400 uah

Sex tequila

400 uah

Sado-mazo show

1000 uah

Shower show

1500 uah

Full strip on stage

1500 uah

Lesbian show (2 girls)

2000 uah

Orgy on stage (all the girls are dancing nude on stage)

2000 uah

All girls are dancing for you

2500 uah

Free the girl from work (1 hour)

1500 uah

Erotic massage

2500 uah

A gift for a princess

4000 uah

A gift for a princess (white)

4900 uah

A gift for a princess (pink)

6500 uah

A gift for a princess (red)

7900 uah

V.I.P. room rental

1200 uah

Karaoke (1 hour)

800 uah

Order a song (nonformat 1000 uah)

300 uah

To extend club`s work time (for 1 hour)

10000 uah

Erotic Sushi

2500 uah

And much more services. Ask for more from our personal.

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